Matt’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement

I saw this post on social media, it summarizes how I feel: "You keep saying - it's horrible that an innocent black man was killed, but destroying property has to stop. Try saying - it's horrible that property is being destroyed, but killing innocent black men has to stop." I do not have all of the answers, but I [Read More]


Senator Matt Dolan led the charge to pass House Bill 197 that continued vital state government operations, provided flexibility to schools for distance learning and responded to the COVID-19 global health emergency. Included in House Bill 197: Allowed school district flexibility and waived testing requirements. Filled healthcare workforce vacancies by creating a temporary license for new nursing graduates. Ensured [Read More]

STRONG Ohio bill will make a difference in controlling gun violence: Matt Dolan

CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio -- The “STRONG Ohio” initiative to reduce gun violence is a meaningful response to Ohioans who demanded we “do something” about the all-too-frequent gun violence on our streets and in our homes, and to horrific events such as the mass shooting in Dayton. I agreed to be the sponsor of Gov. Mike DeWine’s gun reform bill because it is [Read More]

Lawmakers Strike Agreement On Transportation Budget, Send Measure To DeWine

After hitting several speedbumps along the way, the state's transportation budget is finally on the road to Gov. Mike DeWine's desk, fueled by a significant hike in gasoline and diesel taxes. Adoption of the $8.5 billion transportation budget (HB 62) comes two days after the March 31 deadline. Leaders of both chambers worked behind the scenes to reach a compromise [Read More]

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