Leading Ohio’s Tax Cuts

Senator Dolan led efforts to cut taxes and reduce government regulations, saving both Ohioans and small businesses money each year. Since Dolan was elected to the State Legislature, Ohio’s top income tax bracket has decreased by nearly 47%.

Promoting Job Creation

Senator Matt Dolan stopped a billion dollar tax increase for Ohio’s small businesses, saving thousands of jobs in Northeast Ohio and making Ohio attractive for outside business investment. He also passed a new job creator tax credit in Ohio, encouraging employers to hire more people and allowing employees flexibility to work from home.

Training Ohio’s Workforce for the Future

Senator Matt Dolan passed legislation aimed at training Ohio’s 21st-century workforce by connecting workers with trade unions and local community colleges to earn in-demand degrees.

Backing Ohio’s Law Enforcement

Senator Matt Dolan worked to establish a law enforcement training fund for Ohio’s local enforcement officers. He also increased funding for the police to further protect our communities and keep us safe.

Helping End Human Trafficking in Ohio

Working with law enforcement, Senator Matt Dolan sponsored and passed a bill to help end human trafficking, increasing penalties for traffickers.

Honoring Ohio’s Veterans

Working with members in the Senate, Senator Dolan supported and funded a program to provide critical therapy for veterans suffering from PTSD. Additionally, he invested in veteran programs across the state, including a housing program for homeless female veterans.

Securing Schools and Places of Worship

Senator Matt Dolan led the initiative to provide additional funds for securing our schools and places of worship to make them safer.

Investing in Treatment for Opioid Epidemic

Senator Matt Dolan fought the opioid epidemic in Ohio by investing in addiction treatment and staying focused on punishing drug dealers, not their victims.

Standing up for Families

Senator Matt Dolan worked to pass legislation that supports Ohio families from birth to elder care. Throughout his time in the legislature, Senator Dolan invested in crisis care programs for families in need and wrap-around services in schools to make sure every child has what they need to be ready to learn. Additionally, he supported senior care programs and increased investments to assisted living facilities.

Reducing Health Care Costs While Preserving Private Insurance

Legislation authored by Senator Matt Dolan allows pharmacists to join a collaborative team of doctors and specialists to better serve patients, reduce health care costs and mitigate opioid addiction in our community.

Protecting Lake Erie and Water Quality

In the Senate, Senator Matt Dolan is taking the lead on legislation that protects the health of Lake Erie and invests in our water quality throughout the state.

Leading on Clean Energy

Senator Matt Dolan introduced legislation to help Ohio produce more alternative energy so the state can develop clean energy jobs for years to come.

Upgrading Technology to Protect Citizens’ Private Information & Improve Access to Government Services

Senator Matt Dolan passed legislation introducing new, secure technology into state government to better protect citizens’ private information. Dolan embraced cutting edge technology to promote more efficient and effective government services. Services like the BMV could move entirely online.

Investing in Ohio’s Infrastructure

As Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Dolan secured targeted one-time investments for local demolition and revitalization projects, brownfield remediation, water and sewage infrastructure and broadband support to be used statewide.