Ohio’s Future: Education

As Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, I continue to support education as my top budget priority. Primary and secondary education, as well as two-year and four-year colleges, must be properly funded so every child is guaranteed a quality education. We must provide a safe and secure environment in classrooms and ensure they are equipped with today’s technology. Public education, whether at traditional public schools or charter/community schools, must prepare students for tomorrow’s economic environment. I remain a strong supporter of local control, but I also believe we must measure the success of our students. I support policies that empower students and parents to make the best choice for their education and learning environment.

Our community colleges have made great strides and offer any number of degrees and certifications. Our four-year colleges must continue to offer an affordable degree to all Ohioans who seek one. Successful students are the surest way to invest and maintain a productive and competitive Ohio.

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Making Ohio Competitive

With soaring inflation rates and record unemployment nationwide, Ohioans need relief from growing prices at the gas station and grocery store. We must enact policies in Ohio that keep our taxes low, encourage economic development and reduce the size of government. That’s why every state budget I authored and passed cut your taxes and reduced bureaucratic red tape. The current state budget I led not only included a tax cut for every Ohioan, but the budget was responsibly balanced.

Thanks to strategic legislation recently passed, Ohio was able to attract major wins landing both Intel and Ford. It’s crucial that we continue to create an environment that attracts major investments in our state. These investments position our state to be competitive nationwide – helping all Ohioans to reap the economic benefits and jobs.

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Ohio Jobs: Create and Retain

Ohio employers’ biggest challenge is finding qualified candidates for in-demand jobs. During my time in the Senate, I drafted and passed language to help Ohioans earn in-demand degrees and connect skilled workers with the right career paths. As we rebuild our economy, we have to promote investment from inside and outside Ohio, encourage businesses to expand with our low taxes, reduce regulations and improve workforce development. Because of our central location, freshwater natural resource, affordable real estate and strong two and four-year colleges and universities, I am confident that Ohio is and will continue to be a great place to do business.

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Lake Erie: Protect and Preserve

As the crown jewel of our natural resources, Lake Erie needs to be protected, promoted and preserved. I was the sponsor and strong advocate for the Great Lakes Compact that includes all the states around the Great Lakes and Canada. I am proud of the work I have done and will continue to do to ensure this resource for future generations.

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Ohio Government: Accessible and Accountable

I was elected to serve my constituents and I value that relationship. My job is to be accessible to you and your concerns. We may not always agree on every issue, but I want to hear what you have to say. I want to hear from you and understand what I can do to help improve the lives of my constituents.

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