Matt’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement

I saw this post on social media, it summarizes how I feel: "You keep saying - it's horrible that an innocent black man was killed, but destroying property has to stop. Try saying - it's horrible that property is being destroyed, but killing innocent black men has to stop." I do not have all of the answers, but I know we must listen. The messages of activists across Ohio are being heard. Our country, our state, and our community can do better at addressing racial inequalities. Let's not [Read More]

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Ohio wind-energy setback reform equates to jobs: Matt Dolan

By Guest Columnist, CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio -- What if I told you that we could strengthen an industry that already employs more than 112,000 Ohioans while contributing billions of dollars to our national economy each year? Without even knowing what this industry is, most people would eagerly do whatever they could to add these jobs and economic investment. That industry is advanced energy. Advanced energy can unleash untold economic investment in Ohio while harnessing the power of Ohio-led innovation. Ohio can do more to support our energy sector [Read More]

Ohio wind-energy setback reform equates to jobs: Matt Dolan2019-12-04T10:33:05-05:00

Dolan Successful In Getting Blockchain Legislation Passed | Andrew J. Tobias | June 27 CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Ohio is close to becoming the latest state to offer legal support for blockchain-based business transactions, following a Wednesday vote by the state's General Assembly. The Ohio Senate on Wednesday night signed off on Senate Bill 222, cybersecurity legislation which Ohio House members had amended to include the blockchain language. The amendment updated existing Ohio law dealing with electronic transactions to also include blockchain-based transactions. It now will head to Gov. John Kasich for his signature. The concept previously was introduced [Read More]

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Investing in the 21st Century Economy

Did you know that Ohio has more manufacturing companies constructing wind turbines than any other state? It's true. In fact, nearly 3,000 Ohioans have jobs that are tied directly or indirectly to the wind industry. And that number can increase. I recently introduced SB 238. This bill moves the minimum setbacks for a wind turbine to a distance that encourages investment, while protecting local control and private property interests. The passage of SB 238 would open the door for private sector industries to invest $4 billion in Ohio. This [Read More]

Investing in the 21st Century Economy2019-12-04T10:18:49-05:00 Endorses Matt Dolan for Ohio Senate 24th District!

We're pleased to announce that has announced its endorsement of Matt Dolan for Ohio Senate 24th District. Please take a moment to read the full story HERE! Endorses Matt Dolan for Ohio Senate 24th District!2020-02-20T16:09:36-05:00

A Look Back at 2015

Happy New Year! As 2015 draws to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone on the efforts of my campaign to be the next state senator for Ohio Senate District 24. First, none of what has been accomplished this year could have happened without those individuals who have shown their support by donating money, hosting meet-and-greets in their homes, walking door-to-door or endorsing my candidacy. For their efforts I am especially grateful. Since I first announced my run for the state Senate in February, I [Read More]

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