After months of meeting and greeting Republican voters across the 24th Senate District, I am very excited to announce the roll-out of my television ad.

This ad is a positive message informing the voters of my common-sense solutions to the ridiculousness of government. The commercial highlights my leadership role in eliminating the inventory tax; an anti-business, anti-growth policy that hurt small businesses, in particular. This is the type of leadership that I am looking to bring to the Ohio Senate; one that is forward-looking and that accomplishes long-term benefits for both the taxpayer and the community. I believe that this approach stands in stark contrast with that of my opponents.

The record of my opponents has resulted in high local taxes, and a surrender to Common Core and Obamacare expansion. Instead of proposing solutions and explaining how they would lead, my opponents are hiding behind their record, and running a negative campaign. Our communities and our schools deserve better.

Mike Dovilla has chosen a path of divisiveness, while continuing his pattern of being less than straightforward with his word.

His flip-flopping is well-documented. After proclaiming in July that he will stay in his House seat, he abruptly entered the Senate race only three months later. Recently, the Ohio Patrolman’s Benevolent Association, actually pulled its endorsement of Dovilla after he told them one thing and then did another.

I have found Nan Baker’s negative tone toward my family particularly unseemly. My family’s accomplishments are a result of hard work, smart ideas and long-term planning. These are the exact qualities that I want to bring to the Ohio Senate. Perhaps Baker thought that by focusing on my family, it would draw attention away from her record of supporting Obamacare expansion in Ohio.

On March 15, I am confident that the voters of State Senate District 24 will reject these negative tactics, and instead vote for proven leadership with proven results.