Highland Local School District Treasurer Neil Barnes told the board that state legislators voted to return  more than  half of state aid that the district had expected to lose by June 30.

At the May school board meeting, Superintendent Catherine Aukerman reported Highland lost nearly 19 percent of its state funding  when Ohio’s education budget was cut by  $355 million.

Since then, state legislators passed and Gov. Mike DeWine signed House Bill 164, Barnes said, “which actually returned some of that initial cut of $913,000 to us. We got roughly $485,000 back.”

That, combined with the district’s financial projections for June, means the district will avoid deficit spending  in June, as was  expected.  “Not by much,” he added.

School board member Dr. Norman Christopher said that HB164 applied only for the current fiscal year, or through the end of June.

“So,  this will happen again  in July and forward,” he said.

“Highly likely,” Barnes replied.

Barnes also said the district was grateful to state Sen. Matt Dolan. “It was through a lot of his efforts that we were able to get that offset payment,” he said.

Excerpted from: https://www.scriptype.com/2020/07/15/highland-avoids-deficit-spending-in-june-thanks-to-hb164%E2%80%AF/