Job Creation and Retention

Ohio must increase the number of employers in the State. For every new employer created in Ohio an average of 20 jobs are created. To attract employers I will relentlessly work to lower taxes, reduce regulations, improve workforce training and development and be certain that Government officials work at the pace of business.

Lake Erie

As the crown jewel of our Natural resources, Lake Erie needs to be protected, promoted and preserved. I will continue to work on maintaining the health and attractiveness of Lake Erie so our citizens and business alike can prosper from its presence.


Our children need to be educated to compete in today’s and tomorrow’s economic environment. What can no longer be tolerated is a discussion on where they get educated. Rather our focus has to be on how they are educated. Public education, whether at a traditional public school or a charter/community school, is a central focus of state government. The assistance provided by the State should be based upon and measured by the students’ success. Successful students are the surest way to maintain a productive Ohio.


My objective as State Senator is to serve you.  I know I won’t enjoy complete agreement on my decisions made on your behalf. But because my decisions are on your behalf you need to be aware of them. I will use all technology to provide access to you on my work as your State Senator.